Human Potential Time Management Tips

1. Time, like life, can never be recalled. Potential and performance is not evaluated based on who you are as a person. Potential and performance is based on what you do as a person. Time is valuable, tell me what a person does with his or her time and I will tell you whether they will be a success or failure. Do you spend time idle, or do you use part of your day for self improvement? If you are not guarding your time, and using your time wisely. I must caution you to evaluate the minutes, hours, and quality of time that is necessary for success in family, social and business life.

2. The people who are having success in today’s economy are people who are prepared for everyday distractions and adversity and are swamped with busy schedules. No matter how much business or how busy your schedule is, you have the potential everyday to do a little more. Unlike others that are idle and can never seem to accomplish their goals . I want to continue to challenge you to seize every moment and take advantage of your opportunities and continue to believe yourself worthy of success.

3. Now is the time for you to reach your potential, accomplish your grandest dreams. There are twenty four hours in a day, one third is for your rest, one third is for work and the other third is for your leisure. Finally it is your duty to value the third eight hours of your day to free time or leisure. There is an obligation to yourself to take advantage of that time to exercise , relax, or work on your own personal and professional development. It is very important that you work on the things that make you happy , improve your relationship with family, and social life. Especially our relationship with God who gives us this beautiful life to live with prosperity and abundance.

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