About Robert

Robert LemonRobert Lemon is an award winning national speaker, successful entrepreneur, author and film producer. His film “Vision To Victory Field of Dreams”, which was a unique documentary of Robert’s mentoring efforts in his community with urban city prodigies Santana Moss and Duane Starks, who dreamed and succeeded in going to the NFL. The film premiered at the 2006 Independent Black Film Festival.

Named a Man of Prominence, Power, and Prestige by a Miami newspaper, Robert is a speaker who teaches others to take responsibility for their lives. As a leading corporate and college speaker, Robert possesses the ability to combine the ageless tool of storytelling with a profound understanding of today’s culture, and highest ideals. With a keen sense of humor and heartwarming charm, Robert effortlessly elevates and energizes his audiences to pursue their dreams.

Robert was named Advantage Media Group 2011 author of the year. Advantage Media Group grossed over 3 million dollars this year in sales and consulting. Advantage is a company for authors , professional speakers, and entreprenuers. Robert was selected as the author of the year among his peers for his success with his new book “Now Is Your Time”. His marketing, speaking, lectures and trainings have launched him to be awarded this honor among his peers.

Over the years, thousands of people have been affected by his seminars. In addition, he has touched audiences in his extensive travels, including a trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Robert’s profound presentations draw from his academic and professional achievements, from the U.S. Air Force, corporate experience from the U.S. Postal Service, and as the CEO of Believe Your Dreams Inc. Robert’s seminars about maximizing potential add tremendous testimonial to the validity of his message.

Robert co-authored the best selling book “Multiple Streams of Inspiration” with other celebrity authors including Jack Canfield author of ”Chicken Soup for the Soul” and Bryan Flanagan, with forewords by Les Brown and Zig Ziglar.

Robert’s New book release “Now Is Your Time 9 Steps To Reach Your Full Human Potential ” is now available at your local book stores. Robert shares key insights of his life long journey to success and how you can reach your level of success. He gives the secrets to how he has helped successful million dollar athletes and successful professionals maximize their time and God given talents. Robert has earned his Doctorate Degree in Religous Education from JBTS Seminary.